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Create Your Own Comics with ComicStrip


ComicStrip is an application from Sketch and Scotch that lets you either take a new photo or use a photo from your library to create a comic strip on your phone. It is a very well put together application with a clean interface, very easy to figure out and use. It’s a fun concept to be able to make a comic strip from your photos and add caption and action buttons onto the strip and save it to your library or go and publish it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts if you have them. All of those things are fun and simple to do.

On opening the application you’ll be shown a comic grid with plus symbols in the center. These are where you touch to add a photo or take a new photo. There is an arrow button on the bottom of the screen you can touch that will bring up the options menu for your strip. That’s where you want to start. The first tab is called “Change Template” this is where you select the grid that you’d like to use for your strip. You have from 1 to 5 panels per strip to choose from. Go ahead and pick your template there and then you can arrange the photos you want to work with.

On opening the application you’ll be shown a comic grid with plus symbols in the center. These are where  you touch to add a photo or take a new photo. There is an arrow button on the bottom of the screen you can touch that will bring up the options menu for your strip. That’s where you want to start. The first tab is called “Change Template” this is where you select the grid that you’d like to use for your strip. You have from 1 to 5 panels per strip to choose from. Go ahead and pick your template there and then you can arrange the photos you want to work with

Once you have those photos selected you can move onto the captions tab to pick what type of caption bubble, box, or action you’d like to include, there are a ton of choices here for you to use. You select the one you want to have and touch it, you will be given the option to drag the caption around the screen to set the location or a red X to remove it. Once set you tap in the caption to add your text message. After you’re done adding your caption and action boxes it’s time to move on to saving and publishing your strip.

When you go to the Save and Publish tab you’ll have the option to save the file and to post to Twitter and to Facebook. Those options are greyed out at first but you can click on each to go through and setup your accounts for Twitter and Facebook. You will be given an option when you post to Twitter and Facebook to add a message about your comic. Twitter will post the picture to Twitpic. Once you save and publish the picture you’re done, you’ve shared your comic genius with the world.

In all the ComicStrip-CS app is a wonderful fun way to make a mini-comic strip to share with friends and family. It’s solid and put together wonderfully. The interface works perfectly to do what you need. I can’t say anything bad about the application, if you’re looking for something small and fun like this, it’s perfect. I would give this a rating of 5/5, excellent application. Get it now on iTunes.

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iPhone PDF Security Threat Revealed

There is a good reason obscure platforms do not get attacked a whole lot by hackers. It is not because they are completely safe and hackerproof. It is due to the fact that most hackers focus on going after established, fast growing software. iOS certainly fits the bill. Many experts believe that malware threats for this platform will only rise in the next few years. In fact, a flaw in a recent jailbreak solution for iOS has prompted security experts in Germany to issue a warning for iOS users.

Jail Break Me is a web-based solution that allows iPhone owners to jailbreak their phones. The Dev-Team has already released the latest version of this software that makes jail breaking iPhones a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the software can be reverse-engineered by hackers to take control of the host device. As AP reported, a malicious PDF is all it takes for hackers to gain access to users’ confidential information:

Possible scenarios for attacks by cyber criminals include the extraction of confidential information (passwords, online banking data, calendars, e-mails, SMS or contacts), accessing the device’s cameras, the user’s GPS data as well as listening in on phone conversations.

The German security agency has encouraged iPhone owners to avoid opening up suspicious PDF files on their devices until this security hole is patched up. The folks behind have already issued a temporary patch for this but you need a jailbroken phone for that.

Every piece of software on this planet has security holes. Android and iOS are no different. No matter how secure you think your phone’s OS is, you do not want to store mission critical and highly sensitive information on your phone (at least without heavy protection). Let’s hope Apple addresses this issue as quickly as it has promised.


Softex iPhone App Demo

Softex iPhone App Demo…

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iOS 5 this April and iPhone 64GB Model LEAKED

2 things i want to talk about today. One being iOS 5 and a recent leak of a prototype of an iPhone 4 with 64GB Storage. Lets first start with the iPhone 4 prototype. MIC Gadget got their hands on an iPhone 4 prototype with 64GBs of storage. This could possibly mean that Apple might release a 64GB Model this summer for the 5th generation iPhone. While I do think it was about time, the question is h…


Best Tax Preparation Apps for iPhone development

The tax deadline is almost upon us. I admit that I usually get my taxes done before February, but there are people who wait till the last minute to get their taxes done. There is nothing wrong with that. But we are getting awfully close to the deadline date, and you certainly don’t want to miss the deadline (unless you like penalties and more serious headaches). If you are spending a lot of time on the road and want to prepare your taxes, there are apps for you in iTunes. While I wouldn’t only rely on my iPhone to get my taxes done, these 8 iPhone tax apps can come handy for super busy individuals:

IRS2Go: when it comes to taxes, when in doubt, you should always refer to IRS. Sure, IRS guidelines can be vague and confusing at times. But keeping up with its updates is a must. This app lets you do that. Helps you figure out the status of your refund too.

TaxCaster Mobile: while it does not exactly prepare your taxes for you, it does help you figure out how much you will be paying and how much refund you can expect to receive based on your situation.

iDonatedIt: if you have donated a bunch of things and want to make sure they are counted in your tax return, this app comes handy. Lets you keep track of your donated items and helps you reduce your taxes.

Internal Revenue Code (Tax Code): this is the ultimate tax app for iPhone, designed for tax professionals or those who want to get their complex tax returns done by themselves. Not for the faint of heart.

EZ +Tax: a handy tool that shows you the amount of sales tax you will have to pay for things you pick up. It also comes handy for calculating use tax.

H&R Block Tax Answers: you got tax questions? This free app got answers. It not only helps you figure out those confusing tax terms, it also helps you reach out to a professional to help you out.

iTaxMama (US Tax Calendar): depending on the type of entity you will fill out tax forms for, your deadlines may differ. iTaxMama is a simple tool that helps you keep up.

Dr. Taxes (2010 version): contains answers to 100 top tax questions for the 2010 tax filings. Great for education too.

What’s your favorite iPhone tax app?


iPhone Apps for Social Media Mavens – 80+ FREE

Instant Messaging


AIM () – Keep in touch with all of your fellow AIM using friends while you’re on the go.

fring () – You can converse with all of your AIM, fring, Google Talk (), ICQ (), MSN,  Skype (), Twitter () and Yahoo friends from this one handy little application.

IRChon – An Internet Relay Chat client for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to be connected to multiple servers at once.

MobileLinked IM – Multi IM client that currently only supports MSN and Yahoo, but in the future will add AIM, GTalk (), ICQ and QQ.

Nimbuzz () – Allows you to chat with your friends on AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace (), Skype and Yahoo.  Also provides VoIP calls via Wi-Fi.

Palringo () – An instant messaging client that allows you to use it like a walkie talkie, send images or just chat as you always would.  Works with AIM, Gadu Gadu, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN and Yahoo.

Papaya Game Edition – A little bit of everything rolled into one application.  You can play games on it, make VoIP calls and chat with friends on AIM, GTalk, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo.

QQ – A stand-alone instant messaging client that allows you to chat over the various connectivity networks of the iPhone, find new friends, run multiple conversations and more.

Truphone – Allows you to call your friends via VoIP on MSN, Skype and Truphone.  There is also a version for second generation iPod Touches.

Location Based


Active Eagle – Keep your Yahoo Fire Eagle account updated by using this app to send your location via the iPhone’s GPS.

Bliin – A social network that allows you to constantly update your location so other members can see where you are depending on what privacy level you have set.  Has all the other usual trappings of a social network such as messages, groups and so on.

Brightkite (Brightkite) – Keep your friends updated on where you currently are, and keep them abreast of what you’re doing.

byNotes – byNotes allows you to message your friends and let them know where you are.

CityWatch – Explore the area around you by looking at geotagged photos on Flickr (Flickr) and Zannel, add your own, message with people around you and more.

iCloseBy WiFi – A location-based way of meeting people based on their access to the same WiFi hotspot that you are using.  Is also cross platform so you can meet people on laptops and other WiFi enabled devices.

Limbo – See where your friends are and what they are doing, transmit your own activities, look up where to go next and more.  Features support for 200 countries.

Loopt – A location-based social network that works across over 100 mobile devices and can share updates with sites like Facebook and Twitter.

MarcoPolo – See how far away your Facebook friends are, get directions to drive to them and more.

Moximity – Moximity integrates with your Facebook and Twitter friends to see where they last checked in, and if it is anywhere close to you.

Nicado Locate – Updates your profile on Nicado with your current location.

nrme – A location-based social network that functions somewhat like Twitter.  You can set for how far away from you you want it to collect messages.

Puppyo! – A location-based message board service that allows you to talk to people from anywhere on Earth, or you can filter it down to just those in your general vicinity.

Spidr – Spidr gives you the ability to connect to various local “webs” to talk with other “spidrs” that are near you.  If there is no web for your area, you create one, and other users will be able to find you automatically.

Twinkle (Twinkle) – A location aware social network for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is also capable of updating your Twitter account.  You can update where you are, send pictures, chat with nearby people and more.

Whos Here – Whos Here allows you to set up a profile, indicate the type of person you want to meet by age and gender, and it will show you the people nearby that meet that criteria.  Instant messaging inside of the application does not use any texting credits.

Whrrl – See which of your friends is around your current location, get suggestions on places to go and even filter down to the types of places that interest you.



Comeks – A microblogging service based around adding comic book style word balloons to images to make comics. You can then email these images, share them, make postcards or send them to social sites such as Bebo (Bebo), Facebook or Friendster (Friendster).

FoneSonar – Update friends with where you are and what you are doing and this will post to your FoneSonar profile as well as Facebook and Twitter if you so desire.

GPSTwit – GPSTwit allows you to send location information along with your status update to your Twitter account.

Gyazickr – A Twitter client that is all about taking a photo, writing a caption, and posting it.  That’s it, and not a comprehensive Twitter client by their own admission.

JustUpdate – A Twitter client that does nothing but give you an update field and a characters remaining counter.

KoornkUpdate – An updating application for Koornk that gives you an update field and the number of characters remaining.

NatsuLion – A Twitter client based on NatsuLion for Mac OSX.  Has separate tabs for replies, unread Tweets, timeline and several more features.

Rejaw – Allows you to read messages and send shouts to the Rejaw network.

Summizer – Search Twitter for just about anything you want, save searches for later use, disable avatars when you are on an EDGE network for faster loading and more.

Tweeter – A very minimalistic Twitter application for updating your account.

Twitfire – A Twitter client with a unique way of erasing a tweet if you want to start over: shake your device like an Etch-A-Sketch.  Also has a built-in web browser, URL shortening, Google Map insertion capabilities and more.

Twittelator (Twittelator) – A Twitter client with built-in search, ability to explore the public timeline, bookmarks for Tweets and many other features.

TwitterFon (Twitterfon) – A light-weight Twitter client that allows you to search tweets, send photos, retweet and everything else you would come to expect.

Twitterlink – A plugin for the mobile Safari (Safari) that allows you to hit the bookmark icon and choose to tweet the page you are on.  This will shorten the URL to 17 characters so you have room to describe what it is.

Twitterrific (Twitterrific) – This Twitter client allows you to see links in a mini-browser, look at user profiles, see direct messages and a host of other features.

Twittervision – An application that allows you to see where tweets from the public timeline are coming from via a map overlay.

Twitter Trend – See what the hottest conversations are on Twitter in a tag cloud-like interface.

Twitxr – Allows you to share photos with your friends on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa (Picasa), Twitter and Twitxr.


pinger phone

ACS Church Life – This app allows you to interact with your local church ACS account by looking up the calendar, social events and more.  Perfect for small churches.

Add XBOX Live Friend – Ever met another XBox Live user while you were out and about? This app will allow you to quickly send them a friend request they can accept next time they log in.

Black Hole Forums – You can gain full access to the Black Hole forums with this app allowing you to read and post in the various categories, read private messages and more.

Camheroes – Tell your life story through pictures you take and upload to the Camheroes community.

Carticipate – A community based around carpooling to various destinations based on location and schedules.

CenceMe – Not only does CenceMe allow you to tell your Facebook friends where you are, but it will also senses what activity you are doing, such as standing, walking, dancing and so on, and then shares that information.

Kyte Producer – Allows you to broadcast to your Kyte account instantly as well as send pictures to Facebook, MySpace, your blog and more.  You can also chat with your audience in real-time.

Pinger Phone – Pinger Phone aggregates your feeds from Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, as well as lets you avoid texting fees by using their built-in IM feature over the data network.

ShoZu – Allows you to work with over 50 different sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket (Photobucket), Twitter and more.

Strands – A lifestreaming app that will tell people what you have done and shared on various sites such as Digg (Digg), Flickr, Twitter and so on.  Where it differs from most is it lets you know which items are popular across multiple users.

Ziibii – Ziibii mixes a stream of information that you choose from Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube (YouTube) and RSS feeds that you select.

Question & Answer Communities


AnQuest – Ask questions and receive answers from other users all over the world.  If you’re feeling especially generous, you can answer some yourself.

Answers – Answers allows you to post questions in different categories so you can just focus on your area of interest.  You also get a profile that tells how many questions you’ve asked, how many you’ve answered and what your karma is.

BreakkUp – A question and answer community dedicated to giving and receiving relationship advice.

HolyWars – An “intellectual combat” question and answer community that allows you to ask questions, see polls and engage others in intellectual discourse over their answers.

iBear Polls – Start or answer polls and leave comments to discuss the results with others.

Next2Friends Social – Interact with or start your own polls and you will see the results in real-time.  You can also comment, post messages, share photos and more.

Social Networks


1337pwns iNXES XBOX Live Friends – An XBox Live friends app that supports the avatar-based update to the system.  Allows you to sort friends, see detailed gaming history and more.

Bluepulse – A mobile phone only social network that allows for messaging. Share your status, start groups and so on.  iPhone app users also get the ability to directly upload photos.

Facebook (Facebook) – The ever-expanding and always on everyone’s lips social network, Facebook has a well established application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Geeks – This application allows you to stay in touch with all of your friends on Chris Prillo’s social network, Geeks.

LinkedIn (LinkedIn) – The LinkedIn application allows you to view your professional social networking profile anytime you want from anywhere.

MySpace Mobile – Send and receive messages, leave comments, add new photos to your MySpace account and more.

Netlog – Gives you access to your Netlog social network account.  Browse your friends’ photos, sign their guestbooks, send messages and more.

Xing (XING) – Keep up with your business network even while you are on the go by seeing what they are up to, reading and responding to messages and more.

Social Recommendations


Glue – An application companion for the Firefox Glue extension.  See what books your friends are reading, where they like to eat and a whole lot of other information.

Graffitio – Based on the old New York City subway graffiti codes, Graffitio allows you to leave information about locations for others to pick up when they enter the application for the area they are in.

Grassr Library – Review books, CDs, movies and more, and then share them with your friends.

LivingSocial – Review many different types of items such as video games, books, music and more and then share the information on various social networks, and meet people with similar interests.


Magic Shutter video tutorial

Magic Shutter is the epoch-making creative iPhone camera. It can let you easily use your iPhone take long exposure and repeated exposure photos. And can be taken at the same time viewing. After shooting immediately through the Internet share your creations with your friends and family. Around your light into your brush, Magic Shutter is a great tool for your creative.


Apple iPhone 3GS

IPhone 3GS brings some unique hardware as well as software features with it. Though its look is same as previous models but metal is replaced with plastic and software has an extra weight due to true GPS. Apart from these all there is some more lucrative thing and that is its SDK facilities opened.

With release of Apple iPhone 3GS which has long waited, there has been going a lot of Apple iPhone 3GS Application Development around the iPhone 3G and 3GS mobile device. IndiaNIC is step ahead in this official hacking process! As IndiaNIC has expertise over 4.5 years in Apple Mac Apps development.

With launch of Apple iPhone 3G S, new era of technology experience has begun, due to flexibility to develop custom iPhone applications using iPhone Application Development (iPhone SDK) platform . iPhone OS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system providing an amazing platform for creating the next generation of innovative mobile applications.

Iphone Application

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in healthcare and disease management. Some iPhone applications are being launched that allow patients to keep track of health insurance benefits, as well as provide important information that they can access on-the-go.

One such type of Iphone enables users to enter all health and insurance benefit information for themselves and for family members. Iphone helps them keep track of their allergies, vaccinations, prescribed medications, health screenings and doctor appointments in one place.

Iphone is great tool let patients network with trusted family members, friends and caretakers, with whom they can easily share their medical information.

“Individuals walk into medical facilities every day without knowing basic information about their insurance coverage,” said health technology expert Donald Sanford. “This application of Iphone not only puts benefit information at an individual’s fingertips. In an emergency, Iphone can even save a life.”

One iPhone application includes a benefits dictionary to help patients better understand their insurance plans, as well as a list of questions that they can ask their doctor. Other applications of Iphone administer health quizzes and even provide healthy recipes for improved nutrition.


Coming from an iPhone 4 I was a initially disappointed by the 1024 x 768 resolution on the iPad before I got used to it. Text doesn’t look as sharp and can’t be as easily read at small font sizes (and it’s even worse with Chinese / Japanese characters). If Hitachi has anything to do with

Coming from an iPhone 4 I was a initially disappointed by the 1024 x 768 resolution on the iPad before I got used to it. Text doesn’t look as sharp and can’t be as easily read at small font sizes (and it’s even worse with Chinese / Japanese characters). If Hitachi has anything to do with iPhone 4, we could be looking at 7-inch tablets with “Retina” type displays. Over at CEATEC they are showing off a 6.6-inch UXGA display with a 1600 x 1200 resolution which at 302ppi is just short of the iPhone 4′s 326ppi. Not only that but iPhone 4 uses IPS technology so iPhone 4’ll provide the best screen quality you’ll get out of traditional LCD displays. The last interesting development is that Hitachi has just made the touch panel part a whole lot thinner removing the need for certain layers typically required for touch panels. A few other specs – 800:1 contrast ratio, 400 cd/m2 brightness and a 70% color gamut.